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The release party for this new batch was sadly cancelled over the weekend, because certainly authority figures have reason to qualm with DIY spaces interested in promoting culture, particularly that of the new and exciting kind, in a city that appears left for dead. Argh. Anyways, at least these tapes are actually happening, as the Akron noise gang continues to prove themselves more than worthy in releasing quality material. Mike Shiflet and Joe Panzner have a split in the batch, so Columbus is aptly represented by formidable talents. Karl Vorndran of Cane Swords strikes out on his own with some solo material of modular madness, which you can catch in the clip above. Finally, for a slightly different sound, there is the Andrew Weathers / Ancient Ocean split tape, which mines “ambient americana” for a new sound. Plenty to check out here - tapes should available soon from Experimedia, but for now you can stream all the releases over here.

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