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This stunning comp, originally planned as a record store day release, finally seems to be hitting the shelves, a limited four way split on the ever reliable Immune. Eardrums are scorched, burned, turned inside out over the four sides of wax, with names familiar and not. Pulse Emitter expands upon the developments made on this year’s Aeons, turning the long form drones hear there into something relatively more succinct, but, more importantly, fleshing them out with a much fuller palette. Date Palms release their first new material since their stint on Mexican Summer last year, coating over darkened electronics with droning violin. Expo ‘70 are as bankable as ever, unleashing a overwhelming torrent of spaced sound directly into the cosmos. What is of note is how their overall sound has been fleshed out even greater, as the new(er) trio lineup is heavy as hell, riffing into tomorrow with no end in sight. Faceplant might have the least name recognition here, but this project of Aaron Coyes (of Peaking Lights fame) has been going for years now, mirroring a general overall movement from the harsher end of noise to a more varied spectrum. His quarter of the platter does not disappoint either - squiggly electronics overtop of broken beat dub. As of right now, no copies from Immune themselves, but Justin (Expo ‘70) has some in his shop, and Experimedia is also selling a few. Don’t miss it.

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